Thierry’s award; waiting for the school bell

13/1/15 By Suburban Gooners

It’s The Management’s birthday today, which means much celebrations are in order and a decent slice of cake at some stage, I’m sure. It’s all pretty rosy in the Arsenal garden too, isn’t it? One thing that is positive about not having a midweek game is that the post victory warmth that washes over you for at least 24 hours, should remain in place for at least another day or two. I hope so, anyway, because the weekend’s game will just fill me with dread. But we won’t go there. Not just yet...............

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Alexis inspired stoking

12/1/15 By Suburban Gooners

After over a month in which I’ve frequented The Emirates, that performance and result yesterday was just the tonic required for a first home league game of 2015.

Everything about yesterday went exactly how it should always be, in the ideal world of a Gooner, with a relatively very early goal, complete control of the match from start to finish, plus the welcome sight of returning players from injuries. The only blot on the copybook was the dislocated shoulder to Matthieu Debuchy, having taken a nudge by an Orc into the advertising hoardings in the first half which by the look of some of the pictures on Debuchy’s face, was a bloody painful one............

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Three items of Arsenal silliness

Wow, we’re full of exciting and wonderful Arsenal news today, aren’t we? Item one on the agenda is that any player caught smoking is apparently being given the punishment of having to train with the youth team by Arsene Wenger.

Woah….hold on there AW, are you sure you want to do that? After all, when I had to play with kids younger than me, I used to love it. My brother is four years younger than me and so when I was in the Under-13s and he was in the Under-9s (the team my uncle managed), I used to have a great time running around the smaller kids with the ball and leathering it into the top corner of the goal (which, incidentally, none of them could reach because they were too small enough)..........................

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Traditions? Not where TV is concerned

Isn’t it sad that the FA Cup fixture scheduling brings more of a sigh of relief when it’s actually a weekend game, as opposed to a ridiculous midweek game like Everton and West Ham had to go through on Tuesday evening?

I really hate those types of games. So when we were announced to be one of the television companies’ choice for live football, my first reaction was to roll my eyes at the thought of having to wait until 12am on a Wednesday night so that the TV companies get as bigger global audience, then when I’d stepped down off my hyperbole horse and found out that it’s a Sunday 4pm kick off for our lads away to Brighton..................

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Podolski Inter Milan, Arsenal in ‘ter’ a tricky Brighton tie

So the club finally announced the Podolski to Inter deal yesterday, after he was picture in an Inter shirt, scarf, outside the ground and thanking everyone for making it happen. I have to say I did find it somewhat amusing that it isn’t just the incoming announcements that we always seem to announce on the site until the whole world knows anyway. I take comfort in that fact...................

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Heartless display that the manager must take responsibility for

Where do you even start with a performance like yesterday? How do you dissect something that was so turgid, it doesn’t matter which way you look at it, you’re not going to like what you see?

What I saw yesterday, the first day of 2015, was an old familiar sight that I’d hoped could be banished with the heralding of the new year. In my pre-match thoughts before the game is spoken about how good 2013 was from a league perspective, but how horrible it 2014 was in consequence. I had hoped that we’d start 2015 as we mean to go on by beating a Southampton team that haven’t yet tasted defeat to us at St Mary’s...............

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2014: cup goodness balanced by league failings

So here we are. We arrive at the final day of 2014 and I have to tell you, it’s a year in which I find myself reflecting on both highs and lows for The Arsenal. But in true Arsenal fashion, the lows are really quite low (or so it feels), where as the highs are very high indeed. I suppose that’s par of the course for the average Gooner these days; each membership card should probably come with some sort of relaxing bath soak, smelling salts or at least a ‘warning: not suitable for those of a nervous disposition’ advice label attached to the other side of it.........................

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Rotation, transfers and pining for a Saint at Christmas

All this Christmas stuff has thrown time and dates completely out of whack for me at the moment. I wake up at 11am and find that Arsene Wenger has already had his presser and I think “hold on a second, we only played West Ham yesterday. Or was that the day before?”, then realise the actual date and that it’s an away game, so Arsene is facing the press a day earlier than normal.................

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Grinding out victories at a crucial time in the season

I am a happy Christmas Gooner today, I can tell you. There may be a slight frost in the air, I may have over-eaten myself to within an inch of my life, but waking up knowing you can read the papers, look on Sky Sports News and generally not get worked up is a very good feeling. And It’s down to that team we all love...................

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About Suburban Gooners

Hello and welcome to our world where we provide my random musings about The Arsenal.

This here blog that you’re reading was set up in 2011 by Chris Howard (akabendtnersbettercousin, aka SuburbanGoonerChris) because, quite frankly, his wife had had enough of his obsessive comments and discussions on a topic that – whilst she does find interesting – she didn’t want to hear about it for 20 out of the 24 hours a day.

So, Suburban Gooners was born. The blog was created for Arsenal fans, by fellow Gooners, to revel in the highs, drown sorrows in the lows and shrug shoulders (in the style of our Gallic Manager) at the middles.

Chris was soon joined by two friends, Steve Othen (aka oaf12, aka Gooner oaf) and Ben Leeder (aka Ben Leeder, aka Ben Leeder – how imaginative), who both share his love for The Arsenal.

We like to think of ourselves as amiable chaps, so if anybody does ever feel like coming to see us before match days and maybe sharing a beverage or two at one of a few of the local booze halls then please feel free to give us a shout.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling – we do enough of that on the blog!

Wenger’s reunion can wait, our season is defined in the next few weeks

December 16, 2014 by bendtnersbettercousin

A reunion is on the cards in the New Year for our manager, as he finally, for the first time in his career, re-visits Monaco (in a proper competition) to square off against his old club. Yep, yesterday we got all the luck of the Irish as we were drawn against the easiest possible opponents that we were going to get in the next round, although as with everything in life we know that it won’t be easy when the matches eventually come around....

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Grumpy at injuries and our Rubik’s cube defence

This horrible weather we’re having in London can do one. Sideways. With a spatula. That’s on fire. So can signal failures, which are the bane of everyone’s lives.

If you can’t tell already, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, the one with the Velux windows that sound like the heavens have fallen on your house when it’s windy and raining..................

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Problems placing Poldi

by bendtnersbettercousin


Today I want to say some words on Lukas Podolski, because after the game on Wednesday night, it appears as though a fire has been lit under many for his inclusion from the start on a more regular basis................

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Confidence boost we all needed

Well that was certainly more fun last night, wasn’t it? A 4-1 win, the game all but over in the first half, a dominant display and some great goals to boot. Can’t ask for much more can you?..................

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