Puma has launched the second round of its Forever Faster brand campaign with two new ads featuring Usain Bolt and Arsenal football club undergoing intense training regimes while promoting the brand’s latest shoe.

The multi-million euro campaign focuses on training with the “What are you training for?” marketing line a promoting the idea of pushing athletes further in order to get more back.

The two new ads featuring Usain Bolt and Arsenal Football Club document the athletes over the course of four weeks, offering a glimpse into grueling training routines that they undergo in order to perform at the highest level.

Bolt and the Arsenal players can all be seen wearing the brand’s new IGNITE XT trainers Puma is marketing as a high intensity training shoe with responsive design that maximises energy and movement.

The marketing also features a consumer engagement push called Puma Pact which offers training advice, tips and motivation to consumers through the company’s running app and website alongside the hashtag #NoMatterWhat.

More Puma ambassadors will feature in the ‘What are you training for?’ campaign with upcoming ads focusing on singer Rihanna, Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero, the Cuban National Boxing team, and more....


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