Olivier Giroud has stated that the Gunners are now mentally stronger and can provide a challenge for any team that they face.

Giroud's side have put together some standout wins against the likes of Manchester United and Bayern Munich over the past month, and the French frontman believes that improved results have been down to an increasing togetherness at the Emirates.

"Yes, I think we are stronger mentally this year. We are all fighting for each other. We've a great togetherness and want to achieve big things together," said Giroud, according to The Mirror.

"We're showing a lot of leadership. We have team meetings and all want to contribute and bring qualities to the big matches. We are all looking in the same direction and we know we need to be 100% in every game.

"If someone's a bit tired someone else will battle for them. That's the mentality we need to show through the season. If we carry on like that then we will be difficult to beat."

Arsenal currently hold second spot in the Premier League standings after 10 games played this term. 


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