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My name is Hector Bellerin I'm the fastest man alive.

By This is the Arsenal

Published 12/01/16

So apparently they had us all fooled, Barry Allen’s just an alias. The actual Flash lives in London and was born in Catalonia, Spain.

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Last night was just another example of what’s to come. Hector Bellerin is only 20, yet he has to be one of the best attacking full backs in the league. Arsene Wenger said the same at his post match presser “Of course he’s one of the best in the country. In the last 20 minutes, he created a goal chance every time he went up there” . He is a deadly asset going forward and is getting better defensively with every game he plays. His incredible pace is unmatched and he sprints past players effortlessly. The pace he showed last night to get ahead of the Sunderland defender was simply outstanding. The ease he did it with too, like he was out on his morning jog. He started behind him and was so far ahead by the time he got the ball that he had the time to control Campbell’s (beautifully weighted) pass, look up and ease the ball over to Ramsey. His second assist was even better. This one was less about his ability to maraude down the wing but the vision and execution of the cross to Giroud. He took out the entire defence in one pass and it was almost reminiscent of the man who wasn’t on the pitch tonight (Mesut Ozil). To put it in Bellerin’s own words “No Ozil? No problem”.

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Apart from him,the general team performance was pretty solid. Koscielny made a horrendous mistake which led to the opener but then on end we were fantastic. Alex Iwobi showed some serious promise. I was most impressed by his ball control and passing. He was so composed and how got the ball out of his feet so quickly. He did exactly that when he turned and released Gibbs down the wing which led to Campbell’s equaliser. Campbell by the way, continues to defy expectation and is slowly starting to become quite the fan favourite. I mean, you can’t ignore that sort of workrate. Love that he’s starting to get on the score sheet as well. He took his goal brilliantly and it was well deserved.

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In terms of the midfield, we had an entirely new trio in the middle and it took a while for them to gel. Chambers didn’t have the best game but I think he’s still adapting to the role. The one guy I do want to discuss though is Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. A lot of fans have turned on him of late and personally, I find it really annoying. The man is Arsenal through and through and he clearly has the potential to be a star. Yes, the numbers are poor so you can’t argue with everyones favourite line “The numbers don’t lie”. However, since we’re talking stats, how many times has the Ox his the post recently? United, Bournemouth, Sunderland, West ham all come to mind. He needs a run in the team and I’m happy Wenger seems to have recognised that. His pass for Bellerin that led to the third was brilliant and his skill and shot when he hit the post was  a class apart. He’ll come good, he’s just in a rut. You can see his frustration as well. I can’t believe I saw some people on twitter saying they didn’t mind him going to Chelsea. For god sake,support the lad.

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As for transfer news, Elneny is still on the horizon and I have feeling thats going to be all for us this January. We might have some outgoing activity though as Wenger chose to play Bellerin over Debuchy yesterday. Also, I was very surprised Ospina didn’t play, does anyone know why?

That’s all for now. It was a great win last night, hopefully we can keep it up and be the first team to win the FA cup three times in a row since the 1880’s. Anfield next. That’s where our title challenge was destroyed 5-1 by Suarez and co. two years ago. A lot has changed since then (hopefully) and three points is a must.


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