Could Arsenal really have signed Lionel Messi ?

Arsene Wenger is often talking about players who got away from him in transfer deals and sometimes it can sound like quite a tall story, there's always a convenient reason why a deal didn't come off and some of Wenger's claims have been questioned.

For example, he's cited work permit reasons from stopping him signing Angel Di Maria in the past but the Manchester United player holds an Italian passport so Wenger could have got him from Benfica had he really wanted.

On Lionel Messi, Wenger has previously been quoted by the BBC as saying "We wanted to take Fabregas, Messi and Pique. It worked only for Fabregas. I think in the end he was not so keen to move. "It was not completely down to a flat in the end. It was down to the fact that Messi was comfortable at Barcelona."

It sounds like there could be some truth in the Lionel Messi claims because in a pre-Copa America interview withShortlist, which has been picked up by the Catalan media, Barcelona's Messi had it put to him that Arsenal tried to sign him and was asked what type of player he'd have been in the Premier League.

The Barcelona superstar answered "It is hard to say, because my education would have been very different to what I have had at Barcelona, but the Premier League is obviously one of the best and most competitive in Europe."

Messi is heading into the Copa America with a real pressure on him and Argentina's great generation of talent to deliver a trophy having missed out on the World Cup last year...


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