Former Barcelona midfielder Xavi has claimed that Jack Wilshere can go on to "make the difference" for Arsenal and England.

The 23-year-old midfielder is currently out of action until December after suffering a hairline fracture to his leg before the season began, which is the latest in a number of injury setbacks for the player.

Xavi has admitted that he has been impressed with Wilshere whenever the pair have crossed paths.

"He played a fantastic game against us [in 2011]. Let's not forget he was just 20 or 21 years old. It's just a shame he got injured so many times over the past two years," Xavi told Sport.

"If he gets going and a bit of continuity as well, he may make the difference for both Arsenal and the English national team. He is a different kind of English player.

"Even though he has been nourished in a physical type of football, he is really talented, gifted for passing and he does not give the ball away.

He does not seem to be English!"

Wilshere has scored two goals in 28 appearances for England.


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