Former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast Show for talkSPORT that the most important thing for Jack Wilshere next season is staying fully fit.

Wilshere looked good in both of England’s games following the end of last season and appears to have a real spring in his step looking ahead to next season.

Wilshere is staring at a real challenge to force his way into the gunners starting line-up for that first game against West Ham, but it’s a challenge he should be relishing.

“I think it’s a massive season for Jack – He needs to stay injury free, that’s the most important thing – We know he’s got potential but he just has to stay fit – Even if he’s playing in deeper positions, he’s got to get into areas where he can take a strike outside the box,” he said.

Hard work needed away from the pitch

Wilshere needs to continue working hard in terms of his fitness away from the pitch.

If he can maintain and improve on his core strength, the chance that he’ll suffer impact knocks and niggling little injuries, which threaten his place in the side, will reduce.

Where will Wenger use him?

It’s difficult to say because the Frenchman seems to have every box ticked.

He’s got good options in terms of controlling the pace of the team’s play in Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil, he’s got someone who can have an impact from deep in Aaron Ramsey and he’s got a decent holding option in the form of Francis Coquelin.

Wilshere is a versatile player and he needs to work with Wenger to decide what sort of midfielder he is going to be and where the club should focus on getting the most out of him....


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