Arsenal fan Mo Farah wanted to give his son a Gunners-inspired name

If you're a football fan, you've probably had a few thoughts about what you might call your kids which were quickly shot down by your other, and more sensible, half.

I mean is there really anything wrong with calling your kid Diego or Cristiano? Is it really worse than calling them Blossom or Tangerine, or whatever footballers' wives are calling their poor kids these days?

We're not so sure, but one man who wanted to pay tribute to one of his greatest loves is Arsenal fan and Olympic hero, Mo Farah.

Farah, who became the first man to win the 'triple-double' after wins in the 5,000m and 10,000m at the Olympics and back-to-back World Championships, has just celebrated the birth of his first son, Hussain.

While we're sure his son will be happy with the name, he could have had something a little left-field for a middle name, if Farah got his way.

In an interview with Hello Magazine, Farah revealed what he wanted to call his son: "I wanted Arsenal to be Hussein’s middle name, but Tania wasn’t having it."

Calling your child 'Arsenal' would just be opening up the world of finishing fourth and hating yourself for 2/3s of the season, wouldn't it?


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