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Night Of The King

By David Fribbins

Published 09/01/16

Today is the unofficial official Night the King, or the #NightoftheKing. That’s right; on this day in 2012 Thierry Henry, already immortalised from his first stint at the club, immortalised himself again with an absolutely magical goal against Leeds on a cold, otherwise frustrating, January night. Join me now and relive the moment:

Frustration began to grow as Chamakh failed to make any impression against a Championship defence; Arshavin dribbled into defenders and splayed passes to anyone and no-one in particular. Coquelin was still a nobody and Szczesny was always one moment of stupidity away from another goal conceded. The omens were bad and the FA cup gods were cirling around the Emirates; we were heading into a period of the game where so many lower league sides had scored a sucker punch goal at the death and knocked the ‘over-dog’ out of the competition. Then ‘it’ happened:

Henry rose from the bench, stripping off his warm extra layers; the commentator’s voices raised a few semitones as they announce the imminent substitution. The stadium is eerily quiet. Frustration and disappointment almost palpable as the bearded Frenchman emerges on the sideline. The stadium freezes. The heaviness lifts immediately and excitement zipped amongst the fans as the hairs on every fan’s arms stand on end. He was back. The stage was set. Up went the electronic boards and the number 12 shone. Nobody noticed that it wasn’t 14. Nobody cared. He was back.

A few minutes passed and he hadn’t run past the entire Leeds defence or scored a thunderbolt from 30 yards. It was strange. Had we made a mistake, had he passed it? Then it happened. Song picked up the ball 30 yards out; the reverse pass cut open the resistant Leeds defence and Henry had broken through on the left. He took a touch, opened up his body and curled the ball into the bottom corner. The stadium went berserk. The commentators went berserk. Henry went berserk. What a night. What a moment. Today is the unofficial official Night of the King. 

Football is littered with these moments. In fact, Arsenal has a history littered with iconic moments; too many moments for them to be chance alone. These moments are planned, strategised and conceived by old men with grey hair. And it is The Playbook  that is capturing those plans and revealing them to the world. 

Follow them on Facebook Twitter  and let them know your favourite Arsenal moment. Also keep an eye for their debut book, 49: Iconic Arsenal Moments. It is chocked full of posters of Arsenal’s greatest moments, just like the header image of this post. It’s sure to be a rollercoaster of nostalgic bliss coupled with laugh out loud, snort milk through your nose humour.

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