Arsene Wenger DEMANDS No more Smoking from his playersafter Wojciech Szczesny antics

Wenger suggested his players' setting the right example is more important than any health concerns when it comes to lighting up.

Arsenal have a cloud hanging over them again after Wojciech Szczesny was revealed as their latest smoking Gunner.

Goalkeeper Szczesny was fined £20,000 and forced to apologise after being caught in the dressing room following Arsenal's 2-0 defeat to Southampton.

Midfielder Jack Wilshere and ex-Gunners striker Nicklas Bendtner have also been nabbed in the past.

Asked if the occasional cigarette has a huge impact, Wenger said: "No, but it is not a good example. The best thing is that you don't smoke.

"I am against smoking, but I have grown up in a period when I had to accomplish military service. At the end of the month, we got paid by cigarettes, so it incited us to smoke.

"After, of course slowly it became banned and it doesn't exist anymore, but when I was a young boy I grew up surrounded by smokers, I smoked myself when I didn't play anymore, when I became a young coach.

"I grew up in a pub and you could not see the window from where you were sitting because of the smoke and I spent my youth selling cigarettes.

"But times have changed. Society has had an evolution. In some respects in a positive way in others in a negative way.

"This is one of the positives today that people don't smoke any more. You cannot smoke in public spaces that means people who are not smokers don't suffer.

"The other day I was on French television they showed me on the bench smoking a cigarette. I didn't even think it was me.

"But at that time, I remember Marcello Lippi at Juventus smoked a cigar during the whole game in every game. Imagine the guy sitting next to him?"

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