ARSENE WENGER has promised Arsenal will never bore their way to the title. 

The winners' medals already belong to Chelsea this season with Jose Mourinho's mine grinding out results in the title run-in.

The Gunners have come up short once again and it is now 11 years since they last won the biggest prize in domestic football.

But Wenger is adamant he can end the wait by attacking all the way to glory next term.

Speaking ahead of tonight's home clash with Swansea, "Why not? We have done it before.

"Manchester United have won it playing that way. Plenty of teams have done it.

"It's not necessarily the type of game you play, it is how well you play it.

"For example, you don't question Barcelona about the way they play football.

"When they started this way you questioned, 'Are they not too naive?'. But when they win you don't question it of course."

Wenger also made it clear he had no intention of beefing up his shaky defence in the summer before throwing a protective arm around youngster Calum Chambers.

The 20-year-old played at right-back in the 2-1 loss at Swansea in November and was given the runaround by Jefferson Montero.

Wenger said: "It did teach him. He's an intelligent boy, he thinks about his game after - how he could have blocked him better, how he could have stopped the crosses and to read the game of your opponent is an important part for a defender."

Chambers was also sent off in a loss at Stoke and Wenger admitted his confidence had been affected.

He said: "That's a little bit difficult for him at the moment. But we all have to go through periods where we have to think. Everybody goes through that. He will learn and come out stronger."

Chambers also became a full England international this season, which Wenger thinks came too soon.

He said: "It was a bit early. You remember the fact that he had a difficult time at Swansea.

"Now imagine that happens to him with England in a big game. It's terrible afterwards. You carry that with you your whole life."

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