Arsene Wenger has urged referee Mike Dean to review Diego Costa's behaviour during Chelsea's fiery 2-0 win over the Gunners on Saturday.

The Spain striker has courted criticism for provoking Gabriel in a first-half incident which saw the Brazilian defender sent off at Stamford Bridge.

The initial melee ensued when the Arsenal centre-back took exception to Costa's physical treatment of his teammate Laurent Koscielny, and Wenger wants Dean to suggest retrospective action when he submits his report to the Football Association on Monday.

"Dean let it go and I don't know why," he is quoted as saying by Sky Sports News. "I would like Mike Dean to look at the whole action that happened during the game and see if he stands for his decision.

"You have a fourth official, you have a linesman, the referee and they talk all game. They can tell you and they know Diego Costa. He is not a newcomer.

"It is surprising. If I am a referee and I referee Diego Costa, I do not send somebody off quickly if he responds to it because you know he has been well provoked."

If charged by the FA, Costa faces a potential three-match ban if found guilty.


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