Arsene Wenger has revealed his increasing interest in how a scientific approach can improve his side.

Wenger was hailed for his forward-thinking ethos during the early stages of his Arsenal career after he was appointed in 1996.

His attention to detail on everything from the players' diet and training methods to the design of their London Colney training ground helped win the Gunners several trophies, including three Premier League titles.

The Frenchman is currently preparing for the 2015-16 campaign after retaining the FA Cup in May.

Wenger, who oversaw an unbeaten season in 2003-04, told the club's official website: "The scientific aspect of coaching is much bigger today.

"If I can give myself credit it is because I always keep in touch with what's coming out and what is new.

"The bio-mechanics, correcting the movements of the player, the psychological, mental, physiological and tactical developments ... it never stops.

"But it has become so vast you need personnel around you who can master specific aspects better than you."

The 65-year-old added: "To be a manager is to get up every day and be ready to commit 100 percent. You have to make every single decision like the club is your own.

"When the pressure is on with one minute remaining, that's when you are most lonely and have to find the resources within yourself."...


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