Arsenal and Tottenham have imposed stadium bans on ‘selfie sticks’ — the extendable poles used to assist the taking of a self-portrait with a camera or phone.

Spurs acted after receiving a complaint from a supporter claiming their view had been obstructed by a fan operating a ‘selfie stick’.

But the north London clubs have included them on the list of banned items on public safety grounds, because they could be used as weapons. 

This brings them into line with most of the Barclays Premier League. Although some clubs actually sell branded versions in their club shops, only Everton and Swansea have not moved to ban them.

‘Unfortunately, we can confirm that selfie sticks are banned on match days at Emirates Stadium,’ said an Arsenal spokesman. ‘The club’s ground regulations prohibit any object that could be used as a weapon or could compromise public safety.’

The items are easily concealed because they are pocket-sized until they are extended but many fans have become annoyed by their increasing use within grounds.

At Tottenham, a spokesman said: ‘The decision has been taken following complaints from our supporters on the grounds of safety.’

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