Champions League:Arsenal are one of the sides that will lose their top seeding because of the rule change, alongside both the Madrid sides, and Porto.

Real Madrid's failure to land the Spanish title means that the Spanish side will not be among the top seeds in next season's Champions League group stage either.

UEFA have changed the rules for the 2015-16 campaign, meaning that the champions from each of the top seven leagues, as per UEFA's coefficient, will make up the top seeds, alongside the defending champions.

The main benficiary of this rule change next season will be PSV Eindhoven, who today secured the final place in pot one, as Barcelona and Juventus, who meet in next months final, have both won their national leagues, so that place will transfer to the eight-best league, according to UEFA, which is the Eredivisie.

They Dutch champions will join Barca, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Juventus, as well as Benfica, Paris Saint-Germain and Zenit Saint Peterburg, who wrapped up their respective league titles this weekend.

Had PSV not been granted their place in the first pot, they would have been among the third seeds, as they are ranked 30th in UEFA club coefficients. The Netherlands will likely lose this position next season, as Ukraine have overtaken them.

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