Who are The Gunners 24/7

We are a Arsenal Fan site formed at the beginning of November 2014 and our aim is to bring you news and features about our great club.

We are not connected to Arsenal in any way so all our views are independent and not directly associated with Arsenal.

Hopefully you will find lot's of interesting news, including some blog's written by Arsenal fans. We have match previews and reports and breaking news from the tabloids and other sources.

You can reach us via our contact us page and you can leave comments in our news and blog pages.

So enjoy the site.

The Gunners 24/7

Who are Arsenal

Arsenal Football Club (the gunners) was born when a group of workers at Dial Square armaments factory in Woolwich, notably exiled Scotsman David Danskin and Jack Humble, decided to form a football team to break the monotony of factory life.Since that Dial Square team played its first match against Eastern Wanderers in 1886, Arsenal has gone on to become one of London’s most successful football clubs and one of the most famous names in modern football with millions of passionate followers worldwide.Steeped in history and tradition, Arsenal Football Club has thrived on a pioneering and innovative spirit that has existed throughout its 125 years in existence. While society and football may have changed during this time, Arsenal has always served to create a sense of community for people here in Islington, across the UK and now around the world.

What Arsenal  stand for

Arsenal Football Club exists to make our fans proud wherever they are in the world and however they choose to follow us.That pride is driven by success on the pitch. This means winning trophies. It also comes through our style of play, our focus on developing youth talent, our magnificent stadium, our broader contribution in the community and our self-financing approach. Source : Arsenal

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