Aaron Ramsey refuses to shake hands with Arsenal fan Piers Morgan

Aaron Ramsey refused the offer of a hand shake from outspoken Arsenal fan Piers Morgan following yesterday's draw with Chelsea.

The Welshman's snub comes after years of abuse from the broadcaster who was particularly critical of the midfielder during a poor run of form during the 2012/13 season.

Ramsey, who has since since grown into one of Arsenal's most influential players, has made clear his awareness of the criticism before, pointedly asking 'who's Piers Morgan' in an interview.

In retaliation, Morgan has referred to Ramsey as 'whatshisname' ever since.

It seemed the former Daily Mirror editor was keen to bury the hatchet having seen Arsenal draw 0-0 with Chelsea at the Emirates on Sunday. However, Ramsey didn't feel the same way.

But not everyone at Arsenal snubbed Morgan.

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