Aaron Ramsey Ask's Arsenal fans not to worry

Aaron Ramsey is not too worried about Arsenal’s opening day loss to West Ham, and has appealed to the gunners fans to ignore the Premier League table until a quarter of the season has passed, to make a more realistic assessment of how our season is going.

“So many things can happen in the league,” he said on Arsenal.com. “My view is to look at the table after 10 games and then see where everyone is then. So many things can happen.

“Hopefully that will be our only upset, the one at the beginning of the season, and if we go on a winning run to win our next five or six games, then maybe we’ll be there or thereabouts again. It’s important to just concentrate on what we can do.

“You can’t take too much into how the table’s looking so far. Teams are going to have upsets and hopefully the opening-day upset will be our only one for a long time.

“We’re happy with the win before the international break, and now I have a big week for Wales.”

Surely we all remember, as Ramsey will, losing to Aston Villa a couple of years ago in the first game, and we quickly caught up with the front runners. We may not have ended up on top but we were in the hunt for most of the season. Are we all jumping the gun by panicking too early?...


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